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Catriona Pollard Catriona Pollard established her PR company, CP Communications Pty Ltd to drive business success by using the power of PR and marketing.

She provides public relations and marketing services that are vital to building business, offering truly strategic and creative solutions that achieve positive media coverage, increase brand awareness and improve sales results.

Prior to establishing CP Communications in 2001, Catriona set up the marketing communications department for a leading software company and managed a diverse range of accounts within PR agencies.

She also has extensive experience in managing public affairs and marketing in federal and state governments.

Using her knowledge from 15 years in the industry, she regularly authors articles on PR and marketing which are published in many business publications & internet magazines and can be accessed at www.cpcommunications.com.au

Catriona is actively involved in many business networks. In 2006 she was the PR representative on the Steering Committee for Females in Information Technology (FITT) and is a Professional Member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). She is a Mentor in the NSW Government’s Women in Business Mentoring Program.

Catriona has won an award in the Public Relations Institute Association Awards for Excellence and holds a BA and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication.



1. Karen Miles - The FRANK Team - 14 August 2006

We’ve hired Catriona as our PR professional and she just keeps generating leads for us and our business – she’s got great advice and comitment!! And no, we weren’t paid to post on her blog!! 🙂

2. Waqas Kazmi - 24 September 2007

Dear Ms.Catriona Pollard.

Hope you are fine.

I am Waqas Kazmi from a PR Agency in Pakistan as a PR Executive.
I am 100% agree with you that which points you arised for PR importance but i have one question for you that if there is no newswortiness in Press Release so, what is the responsibility of PR Person thatswhy i am asking this question because many people ask with in a organization included my Boss .
Use your media relations in media to publish client news although if there is no newsworthiness.So,is it a correct statement.

3. sevinc - 14 November 2007

High, Catriona!
My name is Sevinc,I`m from Baku,Azerbaijan.Wanted to subscribe for your blog, but found no info on how to get it.So, could you help me pls?

4. catriona - 20 November 2007

Use the RSS feed button on the bottom righthand column to subscribe.

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